Leftist hypocrisy at its finest

When leftists tell you anything, you have to instantly distrust what they just said, remember that scumbag Kofi Annan who was waffling at America, about the rights of terrorist scumbags and nonsense like that. Well, he’s been exposed for the bludging rascal that he is. Whenever a leftist politician tells you about some scheme to ‘help’, be worried, check your pockets, and make sure you still have your cash, because it’s always a grand scheme that YOU pay for. Leftists have perfected the art of deciding what to do with YOUR money and how best to spend YOUR money
As Secretary-General Annan prepares to leave his post at the United Nations, a mystery is surfacing surrounding his apartment on Roosevelt Island, subsidized by New York taxpayers, which is still in use by the family of his brother, Kobina Annan.

This kind of apartment, part of a state-regulated housing development program called Mitchell-Lama, is subject to strict eligibility requirements, involving family size and financial ceilings on combined family income. There is also a requirement that the leaseholder make continuous use of the apartment as a primary residence.
Kofi and his family moved out 10 years ago and passed it on to his brother who is Ghana’s Ambassador, hardly a job requiring you to be outside the local soup kitchen everyday, but he continues to live off the New York taxpayer. These leftist parasites have no shame.
Kofi Annan, whose wife comes from one of Sweden's wealthier families, has spent years lecturing Americans on how the well-heeled have obligations to those less fortunate.
But that’s leftist ideology for you, tell the masses to share their wealth and hopefully enough of the poor suckers will hand over the money for these parasites to spend as they wish. Well, the jokes on you New York, perhaps you can take out the trash.

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