How’s that rope coming Ali

Will somebody get that bloody crane into place. Break out the champagne and fire up the barbecues folks, there will be a dictator swinging in the wind soon.
Iraq's Appeals Court has upheld the death sentence against ousted President Saddam Hussein. Under Iraqi law, Saddam Hussein must be executed within 30 days.

But India has urged clemency - expressing concern over any delay to the restoration of peace in Iraq - and the EU has called on Iraq not to carry out the death sentence.
Yes there will be the usual whinging and carping from the usual suspects, like they were over the weekend when the Japs bit the bullet and executed a murderer. I heard on the morning news that insurgent groups are threatening a-never-before-seen scale of violence if the old bastard is hung. Yeah whatever, as if they are going to lay down arms and assume the Lotus position if we were to concede anything to them, tell that crap to stupid leftists, we ain’t buying.

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