The moral authority

All this time conservatives have been banging on that the defeatocrats are really not on America’s side, off course they [defeatocrats] insist they are, but in their actions, the rights of a terrorist are more valuable than the National Security of the United States. Well the lemons have been ordered, so time to start sucking, bon appétit.
Senate Democrats plan to use their newfound power to revisit one of the most contentious national security matters of 2006: Deciding what legal rights must be protected for detainees held in the war on terrorism.
What war on terrorism? As far as leftists are concerned there is no war, 9/11 is strictly a law and order matter, serve a subpoena or get some fool to waffle in a court somewhere about it, an online petition [to save trees you know] or a get-in-touch-with-our-feelings session. Only a leftist can make statements about “a lasting victory”, whilst simultaneously raising the white flag before the war starts, with a straight face.
"I strongly believe that terrorists who seek to destroy America must be punished for any wrongs they commit against this country," Dodd told Bush in a November letter, urging the president to delay implementation of the bill. "But in my view, in order to sustain America's moral authority and win a lasting victory against our enemies, such punishment must be meted out only in accordance with the rule of law," Dodd added.
Dontcha know, that’s how the Russians won over the Chechen bastards, by setting world standards in moral authority, hearts and minds you war mongers, that’s what gets you lasting peace. I still wonder however can we wretched morally-bankrupt westerners live up their latest example of “moral authority” when dealing with ex-KGB agents.
Dodd and other Democrats say such protections should be afforded to terror suspects because the United States would want other nations to apply similar rights to U.S. troops captured in war.
Yeah yeah, moral authority, crows the senator safe and sound in the United States. Just believe, you boneheads, we must have the higher moral authority, never mind that nobody gave a pig’s bum about moral authority when your soldiers were dragged through the streets of Mogadishu. Never mind that moral authority was nowhere to be found, when your soldiers were beheaded in Iraq. Yes the moral authority, that’s what the enemy is looking for.

Don’t forget folks, the moral effing authority, that’s what matters.

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