The Hussies of Capitol Hill

Feminists opposed women being "sex objects" but their attack on conventional standards has encouraged exploitation of sex, not stopped it -- the usual Leftist unintended consequences. Maybe there was some point in those old fuddy-duddy standards? Report from Washington D.C. below

There they go again, MissBehaving. Girls are flocking to work as interns on Capitol Hill, dressed like little whores. Why? The usual reason: to get men to notice and hire them. But, wait, aren't today's girls serious about being respected for their brains? Yeah, right. As the story from ABC News indicates (see below), these girls, whom ABC calls "skinterns," shamelessly admit the objectives of being scantily clad.

"When it comes to style, most of the 535 members of Congress wear conservative suits that reflect the power on Capitol Hill. For some of their fresh-faced interns, however, skimpy tank tops, jeans, short skirts and flip-flops are the "underdressed" norm. "In what I'm wearing, you can see a lot of skin, and I've seen a lot of girls walk around maybe not buttoned up," said Erica Matson, a congressional intern. "These girls wear tight pants, too, and they think maybe they're not pushing the limit, but they are."

With hopes of one day entering the political work force, as many as 20,000 interns begin that summer climb on Capitol Hill. Many will arrive at the most-popular address - the White House - with their tongues wagging. "These kids all come out, and they're still wearing tank tops and flip-flops, and that's where the action is," said Alex Pareene, editor of, a political Web site. The site sponsors a "Hotties on the Hill" contest, highlighting the sexiest interns on Capitol Hill. "The easiest way to stand out is to not dress conservatively, and maybe if you can get noticed, you might get a full-time position," Pareene said.

The intern "skin" debate, however, isn't limited to the nation's capital. "Gen Y - or millenials, as they are often called - don't have the same sense of respect for hierarchy or authority as older generations do," said Tory Johnson, founder and CEO of Women for Hire. "What is often happening in that case is, we are leaving an impression of young and sexy instead of young, smart, sophisticated and savvy."

Nicole Williams coaches young women entering the work force, and says while some interns are calculating, others are just clueless about real-world business attire. "This isn't a frat party. This isn't about who's the hottest chick out there. You are working for someone," Williams said.

Not all interns are on the same fashion page about what's hot and what's not. "We're here with some very important people," said congressional intern Billy Williams. "This is a privilege to be working here." Still, some interns say looking hot is their ticket to a better job. "You've got the summer to prove `I can work here' or `I can't work here,' so to get noticed, why not?" Matson said.

We all remember what happened to Monica Lewinsky, who just wanted to be noticed.

Apparently, when push comes to shove (pun intended), females choose body over brains to get ahead. It's been eight years since the Monica Lewinsky scandal - just enough time for America's amnesia to set in - so, I guess we can forgive these girls their ignorance. After all, ignorance, temporary insanity, and bipolar disorder are their top excuses for everything, right?

The good-old double standard reigns supreme. There are EEOC and VAWA laws in place to protect women from uncomfortable working environments and unwanted advances. Yet, there are no laws proscribing women from taunting the hell out of men, are there? Of course not: lawmakers always overprotect and indulge women, regardless of their REAL behaviors and double standards.

Once again, the silence from the National Organization of Women (NOW) about Hussies on the Hill is deafening. Why? Because NOW - and feminism - is all about trashing men, not about holding women accountable for their actions. And, you also notice that no male members of Congress are publicly castigating these young hussies . because they never criticize women, for fear of losing the female vote.

How much longer do you guys want to continue tolerating this nonsense? How much longer do you women want to continue diminishing yourselves?


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