Is Mr Lefty a bit of a thickie?

Most lawyers aren't, but I'm starting to worry for Mr Lefty (and by extension, his clients). He is saying silly things, presumably in the vain hope that a now thoroughly exposed Islamist fraud can be redeemed, albeit in a slightly 'honed' form.

I am, of course, talking about Zombie's most excellent exposure of the Lebanese/Hizbullah ambulance fraud. The story alledged that the murderous, bloodthirsty Jews had deliberately targeted a red cross ambulance. Not just the ambulance, but the red cross atop the cross, in a seemingly overt display of homicidal anti-Christian sentiment.

It was a clever piece of perception management - or, at least, would have been - had it not been such an obvious hoax.

Clarification: By that, I mean it was obvious to bloggers. The MSM, ever eager to print anything that is roughly aligned with their perverse world view, ran it immediately.

Unfortunately for them, a Zombie was on the case. (Oh, how I have waited for an excuse to use that line!)

Mr Lefty, being an ardent analyst of right-wing authorship, leapt awkwardly into some twitchy kind of uncertainty position, manifested through a lengthy post on his blog. But he did make sure to insert the compulsory tone of dismissal (he was reviewing a right-winger, after all) based, strangely, upon nothing.

His method of dismissal? Zombie didn't consider all the possibilities, you see. He hadn't ruled out the chance that the missile had come close to the ambulance before detonating, but didn't actually strike it. Thus does Mr Lefty seek to explain the large dent in the roof and the hole where the ventilation cap used to be.

Only, Mr Lefty didn't consider all the possibilities himself. If indeed this was the result of a near-miss detonation (from above; it is the only way that the dent is explained) then there would be something else present on the roof of that van. Something that is not there.

When any weapon of significant explosive yield is airburst-detonated above its target, it produces shrapnel. A lethal storm of white-hot hail which peppers everything below the blast area.

Take another look at the roof of the ambulance. Scroll down on Zombie's article to the line which reads "Both of these pictures were taken within a week of July 23". Once you have found it, closely examine the photographs you see beneath.

Sure, there are lots of holes in the roof of the ambulance which might have been made by shrapnel of some kind. But shrapnel from when? Was the Israeli/Hizbullah war waged more than a year ago? I dare you to find a single shrapnel hole(?) which is not heavily corroded.

This ambulance was clearly damaged a long time ago, and probably left in a dump to rust until enterprising Hizbullah PR people came up with an idea to fool gullible leftist clowns who masquerade as "critics" of western policy but who are really just the Islamists' favourite useful idiots.

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