NZ - Give this man a break!!!

A man who repeatedly ran over a prostitute in his car, before throwing her body in a river, will serve at least 18 years of an indefinite jail term after a judge described his crimes as "absolutely horrific".

Justice Lester Chisholm today imposed preventive detention and a life sentence with a minimum non-parole period of 18 years on Peter Steven Waihape for the brutal killing and rape of the 24-year-old Christchurch prostitute in December last year.

Don’t bother focusing on the ‘indefinite’, its 18 years, he is 29 and when he is 47 he can try for parole, by then some bleeding heart will tell everyone, how he picked posies, writes poetry and how life is so hard in jail, where is the rehabilitation, whilst reaching for the tissue box.

In the High Court in Christchurch, Justice Chisholm told Waihape the killing of the prostitute "couldn't get much worse".

He had repeatedly run her over and rammed her through a concrete wall despite her cries for mercy, and even got out of his car to kick her while she lay injured. Witnesses reported hearing him laugh as he ran her over. His victim's hands were bound when he threw her body in Christchurch's Avon River.

"The ultimate indignity was that you [Waihape] used her as a stepping platform to get out of the river."

Think the sentence was too harsh, perhaps it was a first time offence, perhaps he did charity work and was so quiet, and you’d never think…

Waihape, 29, was also sentenced to a total of 10 years in jail for the abduction and sexual violation of a teenager just three days earlier, but this jail time will be served alongside the greater sentences.

Here’s to hoping the parole board meets in 18 years, splurges on the TimTams, talks about the weather and the weekend games and sends this fellow straight back to his cell.

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