Some history of Islamofascism

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Since the Iranian revolution of 1979, the world has been confronted by a new form of totalitarianism. It is a multidimensional phenomenon that originated not only before Bush but even before the state of Israel was created. The Muslim Brotherhood was founded in British colonial Egypt in 1928 by Hassan al-Banna. Its most famous theoretician, Sayyid Qutb, was executed in Egypt in 1966, one year before Israel's success in the Six-Day War made it a hate object of the Western Left.

Radical Islam is different from communism, and from what we had come to know as fascism in Europe, by its ostensibly religious character. But the Islamic revolution in Iran was like European fascism in its totalitarian domestic ambition and its violently aggressive foreign policy. It was also vehemently racist, persecuting Iranian Jews and people of the Baha'i Faith in particular. From its inception the Islamic Republic of Iran has been committed to the destruction of Israel.

The Iranian regime, which represented the Shia strand of Islam, claimed to be the centre of global Islamic revolution, fostering mentoring relationships with Shia parties and religious leaders throughout the Arab world, most notably with Hezbollah (The Party of God) in Lebanon, which Iranian agents created in 1982. Hezbollah's incumbent leader, Hassan Nasrallah, has declared Jews invented the legend of the Nazi atrocities and that Israel is a cancerous body in the region that must be uprooted. Hezbollah has carried out numerous bombings and political assassinations abroad on Iran's behalf. The most spectacular were a suicide bomber's massacre of 241 US marine peacekeepers in Lebanon in 1983, and the bombing of the Israeli embassy and Jewish cultural centre in Buenos Aires in 1994, slaughtering more than 100 Argentinian Jews. Hezbollah also has kidnapped scores of Western journalists in Lebanon during the '80s, torturing and murdering many of them, and has assassinated Iranian opposition politicians in France and elsewhere. As we have seen recently, Hezbollah initiated conflict with Israel, then launched rockets on Israeli civilians....

Of course, Iran is not the only locus of Islamic fascism. In 1994, a rival Islamic totalitarian regime from the Sunni branch of Islam, the Taliban, seized power in neighbouring Afghanistan. It became the base and training area for the Sunni terrorist organisation al-Qa'ida after that organisation was expelled from Sudan.

Al-Qa'ida had been founded by Abdullah Azzam in 1988. Its explicit ambition was the destruction of existing Arab regimes and the creation of a religious caliphate in an arc stretching across the Muslim world, from Indonesia, Malaysia and The Philippines through to the Arab world and including the region of Spain known as Andalusia. Its modus operandi rests on the terror of the deed. For those who imagine that al-Qa'ida's wrath is directed only against those nations that have intervened in Iraq, one should note that it was founded 15 years before the Iraq war, at the height of Western support for the Afghan mujaheddin. Moreover, it has attacked a French tanker in the Persian Gulf and has launched attacks in Muslim countries, notably Saudi Arabia, Tunisia, Morocco and Jordan....

By now it should be patently clear that we in the West are at war with a hydra-headed and barbaric enemy that has not a shred of humanity and relishes the bloodletting of tens of thousands of innocents, including other Muslims. It is at least as brutal as the Nazis and communist enemies we have faced in the past. Although radical Islam is not militarily as powerful as Nazi Germany or the Soviet Union, it has the huge strategic advantage of suicide bombing, which is immune to deterrence.


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