The toothless Tiger waffles on

EU foreign policy chief Javier Solana has said that he expects a quick deployment of troops to southern Lebanon and that troops from Europe will make the force "robust".

"I've been speaking to several countries during the day and night and I think we will be able to guarantee that the force, as far as the Europeans are concerned, will be robust," Mr Solana said on Sunday (13 August) while in Jerusalem.

On Sunday, the Israeli cabinet approved a UN resolution, passed unanimously in the UN on Friday, calling for an end to hostilities between the two sides with foreign minister Tzipi Livni calling it the "the best that could be extracted from the Security Council."

I think what she meant to say was, we got the most we could shame out of the UN, after all judging by the waffling from Kofi, it looked like the UN was pushing for a Jewish relocation into the nearby sea.

Note how this EU paper-pusher says that this international force, “as far as the Europeans are concerned, will be robust”, that is advance warning to the rest of the world. We expect this international force to thrash the daylights out of Hizbullah, maintain the peace, ensure not a single rocket is fired from Lebanon, and offcourse to ensure not a single civilian is killed on either side. It’s only fair that we hold these sophisticated EU diplomats to the same standards they insisted from Israel.

Looks like Solana is giving us advance warning that this force will be just another useless UN monitoring force, that will sit around a table somewhere, with diplomats waffling on about giving peace another 50 years and berating America over Gitmo, while the terrorists re-establish themselves.

To borrow from
VDH, in other words we cannot expect the amoral European Union to exercise any moral judgement because they no longer have any.

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