I heard a bit about this on the radio today, from what I heard Jews and Muslims were being equally targeted. I found that a bit odd.
AN outbreak of racial violence is deeply dividing Sydney, with authorities alarmed by a dramatic surge in attacks. The worst have been directed at Jewish Australians in the wake of the Middle East war between Israel and Hezbollah in Lebanon, with the slogan "Kill Jews" spray-painted around Sydney.

The Daily Telegraph has learned attacks at Sydney University have forced Jewish students to hide religious skullcaps under baseball caps after several were spat on and assaulted.

Greg Weinstein, from the Australian Union of Jewish Students, said the attacks on Sydney University students were particularly worrying.

He said he believed left-wing groups on campus were responsible. "Jewish students who previously would have walked around campus comfortably are having to wear baseball caps because they don't feel safe.
And I’m sure those same ‘left-wing’ groups would be for free speech, free choice, peace and all that warm and fuzzy stuff. I don’t think we can thank John Howard enough for VSU.
"It is quite significant that we are getting more reports," Anti-Discrimination board president Stepan Kerkyasharian said. Police have confirmed they are patrolling synagogues and mosques in Sydney's hot spots to contain the tension caused by the Middle East war.

Officers are closely watching a Parramatta synagogue after two attacks, including one in which cement was thrown through windows near a house where the rabbi's wife was giving birth.
According to the news report of this incident, men of Middle Eastern appearance were seen running from the scene.

From what I have heard in the news reports in the past weeks, I have heard of the synagogue being attacked, now we see the ‘Kill Jews’ sign spray painted and Jewish students being spat upon and assaulted. I haven’t heard anything about mosques being attacked, no flying bricks, no Muslim women abandoning the hijab for baseball caps and tank-tops, no ‘Kill Muslims’ signs anywhere, no men of Jewish appearance running from crime scenes.

I’m sure if Muslims were also being targeted in the same fashion, we’d be hearing the above-mentioned left-wing groups shrieking from the rooftops for that fascist Howard to apologise for this ‘racist’ Australia. Sounds like they are crying victim to me, either that or we have reached a stage of just assuming Muslims are being victimised, don't worry about the facts.
Mr Kerkyasharian said there had been an alarming trend with people of Arabic background who were Muslims being branded terrorists. "There is this idea now that anyone who is of Arabic background is associated with terrorists," he said.
Sorry Stepan, in the latest bomb plots in the UK, despite the tip-toeing by the British Authorities, we found out the suspects are Muslims. So until we find a nasty cabal of Kalahari Bushmen plotting to blow us to smithereens, we are going to face reality. I certainly do not believe that all Muslims are terrorists, but unfortunately, those plotting murder and mayhem against us happen to be Muslims.
Sydney Muslim leaders say they are also coming under attack.
This bit of whining was from Keysar Trad, so I didn’t see any point in giving him any further oxygen.

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