Credit Where Credit's Due

We've been very quick to criticise ABC TV's Media Watch, and with very good reason- it has been a dreadful leftist-run nanny/supervisor for minor (mainly Murdoch) publications, and has consistently ignored grotesque abberations by the consistently maxist media.

The current episode however:- Monday 21/8 has gone above and beyond what you'd expect; maybe it's a smokescreen to cover the idiocy of Terry "McBeth" Lane, but they actually showed some journalistic principles and made the perversion of "Australian Story" an issue-

A three episode transmission was used to try to undermine a conviction of three murderers, based on hearsay and allegations of dodgy decisions in the WA Supreme Court.

If nothing else it is advocacy rather than public interest broadcasting, and if it's given the politburo at Media Watch the shits, why aren't there disciplinary actions in train against the producers?

Swept under a public funded curtain.

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