A dove to do a hawk's work.....

"Meanwhile, Ehud and Aliza had started a family together and had 3 children, plus a 4th whom they adopted. All of these kids, 2 girls and 2 boys, would become radical leftwing activists as they grew older, which clearly influenced Ehud's one time hawkish ways.

Today, both of his sons live abroad while his daughters remained in Israel. The eldest son (Shaul) is an artist/Palestinian activist in New York, who is heavily involved in the Yesh G'vul Organization, which is an advocacy group for IDF soldiers to desert the army and become leftwing refuseniks.

His other son, Ariel, opposed serving in the military as required by law, became a refusenik, and went off to France where he now studies literature and art.

His daughter Dana is a very outspoken anti-Zionist/pro-Palestinian rights activist in Tel Aviv. She is also a militant lesbian and a gay rights activist, who recently protested in an Arab-led anti-Israel rally.

His oldest daughter, Michal, is also a militant leftist, but is married and chooses to stay away from the spotlight her more flamboyant younger sister so enjoys. She is currently teaching courses and conducting workshops on "creative thinking".

Of course, Ehud's wife is also a radical leftist and helped to found the militant Palestinian rights organization known as "Women in Black", who perform candle light vigils all over Israel every time a "Palestinian" is killed by the IDF. She is also a prominent activist in the Peace Now organization, which is anti-Zionist and favors advancing the moslem's "Right of Return" to Israel."

This is the man who Israelis trusted to bring Hezbollah to heel? What were they thinking?

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