Battle for hearts and minds

Have a look at what America and Britain have done in the past for Quake victims. We have to assume that American and British nationals were the main targets of the latest terror plots, not that they were planning to ask all other nationals to ‘kindly step off’.
The United States has announced that it will provide an initial contribution of USD 156 million (PKR 3 billion) for emergency relief in Pakistan. The U.S. military is also providing supplies and assistance. As of November 3, the U.S. Department of Defense (DOD) has 933 personnel providing relief and reconstruction assistance in support of the Pakistan earthquake relief effort. Five CH-47 Chinook and three UH-60 Black Hawk helicopters are being moved into Pakistan immediately, and a C-17 Globemaster III military aircraft has already been assigned to bring blankets, tents and other relief supplies to the victims.

The 212th Mobile Army Surgical Hospital (MASH), established October 25 in Muzaffarabad, currently has 36 Intensive Care Unit beds, 60 intermediate minimal care beds, and two operating rooms. To date the MASH has performed 46 surgeries, and treated 548 non-surgical patients. Furthermore, a 23-member logistical support group is also being dispatched from McGuire Air Force Base in New Jersey. The United States Agency for International Development has provided more than USD $41.8 million for relief work in Pakistan, including nine completed airlifts of relief supplies.

The airlifts delivered a total of 45,000 blankets, 1,570 winterized tents, 6,150 rolls of plastic sheeting for approximately 30,750 families, 15,000 water containers, 17 water bladders, 2 water purification units, 10 WHO emergency health kits, and 20 concrete cutting saws. USAID has also committed funds to the UN, other international organizations and NGOs. On Wednesday, November 9, 2005, business leaders from GE, UPS, Pfizer, Xerox, and Citigroup met with President Bush at the White House to announce the launch of the South Asia Earthquake Relief Fund and website.

Foreign Secretary Jack Straw said that Britain was sending out 60 disaster response workers including 50 medical staff. International Development Secretary Hilary Benn announced an initial allocation of PKR 10 million, or about GBP 95,000. [43] As of mid-November 2005, Britain has pledged over GBP 100 million.
The Infidel can bring aid in his Chinook and Globemaster, both which the Jihadist wouldn’t have a clue, how to build, let alone fly. Yet does this earn the Infidel any reprieve.
A possible Kashmiri connection is emerging into the London bomb plots. The two brothers reportedly at the centre of the investigation, Rashid and Tayib Rauf, from Birmingham, are both British citizens of Kashmiri origin.

Rashid Rauf is one of at least 17 people being held in Pakistan in connection with the alleged plot. Very little substantial information has emerged from Pakistan, but there is one moment in recent history when British Kashmiris had direct contact with militant Islamic groups in Pakistan, and there was nothing secret about it.

During the relief effort after last year's devastating Kashmir earthquake, hundreds of British Kashmiris travelled back to their homeland to help in the relief effort. While there they were in daily contact with the militants - because in the early stages it was the militants who ran the relief effort.

The Independent witnessed volunteers from Birmingham working alongside militants from the group Lashkar-e Toiba just north of Muzaffarabad, where a mountain had collapsed on top of a village and Lashkar was running a makeshift ferry service to evacuate the wounded.

Lashkar is one of the Pakistani militant groups that Rashid Rauf has been linked to in newspaper reports. And Pakistan's Daily Times reported that it was transfers of funds disguised as donations for Kashmir earthquake relief that first alerted intelligence services to the Pakistani side of the suspected plot.
No, the only way the infidel can appease this enemy, is unconditional surrender.

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