Ahmyheadismad Rocks

"When I used to go to high school, shah celebrated the 2500 years of monarchy of Iran. Those years, poverty among the oppressed people of Iran was escalated and doubled. The imposition of the cost and the expenditure of these festivals and ceremonies and also the crapulence of shah’s debauched clan and their foreign companies, broke the people’s back. All necessary materials and supplies of these illegitimate functions were brought to Iran from Europe by the exclusive and specific airplanes. Probably one can claim that the disgraceful festivals of the 2500 years of kingdom in Iran -which was arranged by the traitorous shah- were the most expensive festivals in the history of the civilized human."

So speaketh the political leader of Iran. No really, the bat-shit crazy dipshit pulling the Lebs and Syrians puppet strings actually used 'crapulence' in a sentence. Obviously not a native Engrish speaker. It was so damned hip, I had to look the word up.

Crapulence-the act of drinking alcoholic beverages to excess "drink was his downfall"

The exclusive European airplanes brought the booze and the ho's for the Shah to rock the freakin' Casbah! Sounds like a good time was had by all. Go check out the hottest blog on the block. Ahmadinejad the Stupid.

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