Well well

Remember all the teeth gnashing over on the left when those ‘boneheads’ in the White House and Kirribilli House dared to propose/impose such 'fascist' measures.

European security chiefs pledged increased cooperation against terrorism Wednesday, saying they might begin blocking Internet sites, fingerprinting or iris-scanning airline passengers, and training Muslim preachers to fight radicalism.

Ministers from Finland, Germany, Portugal, Slovenia and France met in London on Wednesday with the British home secretary, John Reid, to map out new anti-terrorism measures. Afterward, in a press conference, members of the meeting laid out proposals that signaled a shift for Europe, which in the past has been loath to limit individual freedoms or try to impose one set of values on all citizens.

"We face a persistent and very real threat across Europe," said Reid. Would-be terrorists are hoping to "abuse our open societies," he said, and have "no regard for human life and human rights." Ultimately, the "rights of the individual must and will be balanced against the collective rights of security and protection of life and limb," he said.

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