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Yet another member of the fourth estate to finally admit that Australian's are fascist bumpkins, destined to wallow in an Orwellian nightmare of our own creation. Let's take at look at Terry Lane of 'The Age', and his disgusting, risible contribution towards political and social commentary in Australia. This is worth a detailed examination. Over to you Tezza.

'Out here in the wishy-washy left, we are optimists where human nature is concerned. We like to think that when we explain to the polloi that their personal liberty is under attack they will be outraged.'

Firstly, I don't need to have the bigger picture explained to me, you sanctimonious prick. Secondly, you over-estimate your level of influence on the 'hoi polloi'.

'You might think, as we like to do, that once people grasp that we now live in a country where the secret police can come calling in the wee hours to take us off for two weeks' interrogation, they will rise up in defence of their freedoms. And when they understand that this is a place where a disciple of Thoreau, Gandhi and King can be seized and deported for criticising a US corporation, they will demand an explanation from the powers that be. So it comes as a sobering shock when the polloi says: "So? Where's the problem?"

Scott Parkin could have been a peace-loving Buddhist, but he breached the terms and conditions of his visa and was actively campaigning to create a public disturbance. That's the sort of tourists we want around here. Not. The polloi couldn't give two bob over your hand-wringing protestations. Speaking of which, has anyone knocked at your door yet Terry?

'The penny drops. The polloi in all places - not just in Italy, Germany and Singapore - are natural fascists. Freedom makes us nervous. We crave order, security and conformity. Obedience is the primary virtue of the polloi, prized above liberty any day. After all, as the German polloi used to say of the Gestapo, "If you've got nothing to hide, then you've got nothing to fear."

Shouldn't that be the Gestapo to the polloi? Why should the Gestapo be worried about the polloi? What a convoluted analogy. As for your assertion that Australians are natural fascists, I counter with the following rebuttal. You sir, are not an Australian. How's your french accent going?

'The Australian Survey of Social Attitudes (AuSSA) has published a snapshot of the polloi and it helps us to understand how governments can strip away our civil liberties without running into more than an editorial bleat and an occasional witty placard. When AuSSA asked people which institutions they trust, the defence forces came out on top, with 82 per cent professing confidence in the military. Coming in second in trustworthiness were the police.'

I'm not catching your drift here. You're heading towards insinuating that the Australian public SHOULDN'T trust the ADF or the police, aren't you? Would you prefer to see another profession at the top of the list? Journalists?

'Think about that for a minute. Most people have no contact with the military and know nothing about its operation or its ethos. Presumably, two sentiments are mixed up in this response - the romantic, Gallipoli, military-nationalist myth and the perception of the authoritarian, well-ordered, smartly uniformed, obedient army. It is more a Platonic ideal than a reality and as a concept it is fascist in its implications, whatever the organisational reality of the Australian Defence Force might be.'

Terry, you just stepped into the proverbial philosophical minefield. Do you know anyone in the ADF? Have you ever pulled on the baggy green and a helmet? Nope. Terry is a methodist minister by trade. Perhaps his sour grapes is about the polloi not trusting the clergy. The ADF has a much higher level of integrity, professionalism and sacrifice than most for a reason. The young men and women that join from the polloi, and their willingness to uphold their heritage.

'As for the police, there have been major inquiries into police corruption in three states. Two of those inquiries have resulted in major overhauls of police departments. In Victoria, not a day goes by without there being some new evidence of police corruption, moving Office of Police Integrity director George Brouwer on Thursday to call for harsher penalties for dishonest police. Still, 72 per cent of people trust the cops.'

The polloi need to ignore the police, and start taking matters into their own hands. Shoot the protestors. Arrest the dissidents. Can't trust the cops to do the job. Let us know your address Terry, we'll be around tonight for a 'chat'. Who's gonna stop us? The military? The cops? Can't trust 'em.

'Against the confidence expressed in the police is the low regard for courts and the legal system: 71 per cent of respondents have little or no confidence in the legal system. Putting these two figures together can only lead to the conclusion that the polloi would prefer a police force unrestrained by legal niceties. That is, after all, the definition of a police state - one in which the police are unanswerable to pesky lawyers and judges.'

Do you think it's got something to do with serial rapists having their sentences reduced? Or any number of crimes that are either unpunished or let through to the keeper with notional punishment orders? The convolution of the Family Court? Lawyers getting pay levels associated with Ronny Biggs. Civil libertarians going to outrageous lengths to protect those who would cause harm. No wonder people don't trust the legal system. Still, they believe in it more than journalists. That's a relief.

'Fifty-six per cent of people think the Federal Government has just the right amount of power, but 24 per cent would like it to have more or a lot more power. The survey was conducted in 2003 and since then the polloi's wish has been fulfilled. The Man of Steel now rules as absolute monarch, governing by fiat without need of explanation for his actions.'

The polloi have yet to see you strung up by your thumbs. Terry Lane should probably consider a move to a nation of people willing to rise up against the absolute monarchy as he's not getting too much support here. His heroic band of political knights are self-destructing. It's former leader has shone the glaring light of introspection on it and his activities. So why do the polloi elect the local left at state level but want to leave the running of the big issues to the right? As for where journalists and the clergy ranked on this study, you have to pay for the results, so I don't know. Perhaps Terry could let us know. I've written about Terry before. Go have a look at what other bile has spewed from his traitorous mouth.

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