Of goats and geiger

The modern age and the middle age have met with startling contrast in Iran. A country with history spanning thousands of years, in todays brief temporal interlude, the theocracy currently pulling the levers appear determined to press ahead with their plans to spin the bejeesus out of some uranium and head on down the radioactive road.

'Iran has failed fully to reveal its secret nuclear programme and has produced tons of chemicals for uranium enrichment in defiance of international demands, the United Nations atomic watchdog said yesterday in a report that could provoke political and economic sanctions. The document issued by the International Atomic Energy Agency said inspectors had been unable to resolve key questions about whether Iran was seeking nuclear weapons.'

The determination of Iran to pursue it's own nuclear defence is of concern to the majority of western nations, not least of which is it's often alarming strategic alliances with forces hostile to democracies. An Iran equipped with nuclear weaponry would be cause for Israel to potentially pre-empt another combined Arab assault. In the words of the great philosopher Damocles, not good. It's not like we haven't heard a similar story about a Middle Eastern nation with visions of nuclear grandeur that hid it's research and development from world view.

'Mohammed ElBaradei, its director general, wrote that since the IAEA "is not yet in a position to clarify some important outstanding issues after two and a half years of intensive inspections and investigation, Iran's full transparency is indispensable and overdue".

Moreover, he said the IAEA was "still not in a position to conclude that there are no undeclared nuclear materials or activities in Iran".

Moey, my good man, here's a thought. Just hold up a picture of this and I'm sure you will get their undivided attention. This issue is not far from coming to a head. UN economic sanctions? Piffle. Trade restrictions? Bah! With friends like Russia and China, who needs enemies.

Now, where did I leave that goat?

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