Why Australian Labor Keeps Losing

Calling all Lefties: some solid clues here for you.

Latham's US views 'not unique'

ONE in five Labor Party candidates at the last federal election believed the United States was a threat to Australian security, a new study has showed.

The research by Australian National University and Queensland University of Technology found 21.9 per cent of ALP candidates said the US was a "very likely" or "fairly likely" threat to Australia, placing it above China, Vietnam or Malaysia, The Australian newspaper reported today.

Yes - proof positive, 21.9 per cent of ALP candidates are as insane as Mark Latham.

Thirty-one per cent of ALP candidates said they had little or no trust in the US coming to Australia's defence. . .
Correction, make that 31%.

Here’s the money quote, though:

. . .one in five said they were either not very proud, or not at all proud, to be Australian.
It’s no wonder the Left and its political representatives hate Australia and its people so much; they saw straight through Latham and the ALP. And all the posturing and propagandising in the world failed to sway them. It seems bald-faced lies just won't cut it anymore. How frustrating!

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