Do as I say not as I do

As usual, send the young and dumb to die, tell them some wild stories about virgins and the evil west, flushing toilets and the very sight of women's ankles will send you to hell.
Profess hatred of the west and all its inhabitants, or was that infidels; demand the withdrawal of all infidels from the muslim lands, leave your technology and know how behind though, I'm not quite sure how the electric tooth brush works.

Osama bin Laden sought asylum in Britain even as he was planning the September 11 attacks on the US. The al-Qa'ida leader wanted to abandon his base in Sudan at the end of 1995 and asked some of his followers in London to sound out whether he would be able to move to Britain.

Maybe he thought America would be cowed down into submission, by a grainy video promising murder and blood, brandish an AK; maybe George Bush would learn french or apologise to him or something; and he could move to the UK and enlist the starry eyed socialists and apologists into destroying western civilisation and starting a Islamic socialist utopia.

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