Slow to anger

It appears Sharon's plan is coming to fruition, some of the jihadists are getting the message.
We will give you the land you lost earlier, you can dance in the streets, shoot your weapons, call us names, label us cowards and say your terror has worked. As long as its all just empty threats and rhetoric, its just water off a ducks back.

Start sending in rockets to kill and we will hunt you relentlessly and cut you down.

A Hamas leader has announced that the organisation will halt its attacks on Israel, after a forceful reaction from Jerusalem to militants launching dozens of rockets from the Gaza Strip. Hamas leader Mahmoud al-Zahar said: "The movement declares an end to its operations from the Gaza Strip against the Israeli occupation."

He denied the move was prompted by Israel's resumption of assassinations of militants and of air attacks against arms caches and other infrastructure in Gaza. Mr Zahar said the decision was intended to "preserve the atmosphere of celebration at the defeat of the occupation" and to protect the population against Israeli attacks. Egyptian pressure is believed to have played a role in the Hamas announcement.

A senior commander of Islamic Jihad, Sheikh Muhammad Khalil, was killed with his bodyguard when an Israeli helicopter fired a rocket at their car. Israeli sources said Khalil was involved in actions that took 15 Israeli lives, including those of a woman and her four daughters.

Israeli troops yesterday arrested 50 Hamas and Islamic Jihad members in the West Bank. The arrests came 24 hours after a first dragnet resulted in 207 arrests, mostly of Islamic radicals, in various parts of the West Bank.

Air attacks continued against arms workshops and caches around the strip and jets flew low over populated areas. Israeli Prime Minister Ariel Sharon said his armed forces had been ordered to launch sustained action in order to prevent further missile attacks on Israeli towns.

"There are no restrictions on the use of any measures in order to strike at the terrorists," he said. "The instructions are unequivocal; we do not mean a one-time action here."

Now the Jihadists have to come down from the clouds and start building; and watch their tongues and the gloating; the tanks, hellfires, gunships and shells are just over the fence, oiled and aimed.

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