One day in September

Four years ago, terrorists believing they were serving a religious goal, hijacked airliners in the US and crashed them into New York's World Trade Centre buildings, the Pentagon, and into a field in the middle of nowhere. On that fateful day, the world held it's collective breath, wondering what the retaliation would be. For they knew there would be.

I watched the television all night, dumbstruck at the images unfolding in front of me. It was like a dream, and yet I was awake. I knew that my life changed at that point, my view of politics, religion, my employment. It was the ONLY thing in people's lives around the majority of the world for some time. On this anniversary of this attack, Americans will focus on what they have lost and what they have gained over the last four years. They found their mates standing beside them, and found others wanting. Nations that were formerly antagonistic have now realised that an uneasy peace is the most prudent position. No longer will outright hostility be countenanced, the slights go un-noticed.

The Bush doctrine of for or against is anathema to those who seek a more nuanced position, and they are unable to understand the threat that Islam poses to western style societies. Four years ago the Middle Ages climbed aboard an airliner and demanded to be heard. Let's make sure we listen to their message, and be very clear about what it is they want. If the death by a thousand paper cuts is not stopped, within several generations, this too will be the fodder of those who attempt to deny or change history to suit their own goals. As the Japanese refused to admit their culpability to war time aggression, so too does the Muslim world view their more radical adherents.

Make them face the truth. They are against us, and no amount of sematics or nuance will change that fact. Remember what was done in the name of their faith.

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