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I happened to turn on the TV this morning and Laurie Oakes was interviewing ALP National President and general leftist scumbag, Barry Jones.

Now I wouldn’t have thought it possible but the rate of bullshit spewing from leftists just seems to be constantly increasing. Here are a few extracts from the interview (Full transcript available here)

LAURIE OAKES: Let's talk about the national interest. It's clear now, crystal clear isn't it, that Mark Latham would have been a disastrous Prime Minister.

BARRY JONES: Well you can't absolutely say that. I mean the point is that there's ..

Of course not. Just because he is a head case now, that doesn’t mean he was always a head case does it? Nooooo. All such serious psychological deficiencies develop in a matter of weeks…..

And that extract there isn’t even the first lot of bullshit in the interview. If I quoted all the bullshit spewed out by Jones I would end up quoting the entire article.

LAURIE OAKES: .... I mean, it's obvious — isn't it obvious that he could have gone off the rails as Prime Minister? And what would the party have done then?

BARRY JONES: Well, but we're looking expos facto. The point is if you look in the actual campaign itself — I mean I don't think we should rewrite history too much — if you look at the actual campaign itself, there was a pretty generally held view, for example, that in the one debate that he held with John Howard that he beat Howard, even though Howard was infinitely more experienced in public life, and had been Prime Minister for a long time. But Latham was seen to have done well.

In that early period, he was rating extraordinarily highly. I mean I must say, higher than I'd expected myself, at one point he was actually ahead of Howard as preferred leader.

So now we apparently can’t judge Latham on his outbursts since according to some leftist sycophants, he was polling well and was preferred PM, and so would have been good and nothing like he is now – what a load of horse shit. And as if to drive his horse shit home:

LAURIE OAKES: .... He did quite well in the campaign, there was a point at which people thought he could win the election. And if that had happened, Labor would have foisted this man upon the public as Prime Minister. I mean how can you ever live that down?

BARRY JONES: .... I don't necessarily think that we could learn from the diaries how he would have been, how he would have been as Prime Minister.

Laurie would have needed Wellington boots to walk out after that interview. Do leftists actually believe that shit? Well of course they do. If they didn’t believe bullshit like that, they wouldn’t be leftists in the first place. And a little further on Oakes asks him if the Labor party owes the public an apology and Jones again makes the assertion that “we don't know what kind of government a Latham Government would have been.”

That is why I hate leftists so much. They refuse to see things as they are and simply ignore anything that doesn’t fit their view. That is why there are still leftists I suppose.

After the misery communism inflicted on Russia, leftists were still in full support of it everywhere it spread to. Once it collapsed and the Kremlin archives were opened and it was discovered that communism was even worse than reported, and despite it ending up the same way EVERYWHERE it was inflicted, they still support it and are trying to inflict it upon us today.

LAURIE OAKES: .... But can I ask you, Latham's been criticised for attacking Kim Beazley, but you set the example didn't you? You'd been a Beazley critic saying Labor was a policy vacuum during Beazley's first five years as leader. And you describe Beazley as Labor's most conservative leader. You said Kim Beazley would be closer to John Howard than he would be to you. Do you still hold those views?

BARRY JONES: I think Beazley is becoming very impressive in his second period as Labor leader. You know, we've broken with tradition in a sense. Beazley's the first Labor leader to have been re-elected.

You should have seen the stunned look on Jones’ face before he spewed out that bullshit in reply. BWA HA HA HA HA HA! It was priceless. He was back pedalling so fast it was like he was attempting time travel. And then:

BARRY JONES: .... And when I make criticisms, it's really in the context of making constructive outcomes.

Of course. Likewise when I say all leftists should be tortured and executed for being the treasonous scum they are, I am really only saying it in the context of getting some constructive outcomes.

We obviously know how stupid he considers those on the left are, but how stupid does he think the rest of us are?

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