EU Grows Some?

EU reports Iran to Security Council

THE European Union tabled a motion at the UN atomic watchdog overnight that finds Iran in violation of international nuclear safeguards, setting the stage for it to be reported to the UN Security Council for possible sanctions, diplomats said.
Seems things are still looking a tad lacking on the cods front, unfortunately.

Delaying immediate referral for activities which the United States claims hide covert nuclear weapons work was a compromise to win support on the International Atomic Energy Agency's (IAEA) board of governors for a tough move that could draw sharp Iranian reaction escalating the crisis.
Escalate the crisis? In what way? By forcing the Iranians to out and out tell us all to go get stuffed, as opposed to the sotto voce ‘get nicked’ they’ve been delivering to date? The usual suspects are preparing to gum up the works, of course:

. . .Russia, China and non-aligned nations that support Iran's claim that its atomic program is peaceful still oppose the text and expressed this vehemently at yesterday's meeting, diplomats said.
It’s no surprise, though. Both China and Russia know damned well it’ll be the US (and others) who will pick up the tab when Iran takes the nuclear nutso route. In the meantime, Russia has lots and lots of wonderful nuclear technology to sell; how can they possibly say ‘no’ to such an eager customer. . .

Just the usual mischief at work. The ultimate mischief, however, will come when and if this ever does finally make it to the Security Council. No bets, I’m afraid, on who’ll be dropping the ‘veto’ card the moment it does.

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