The true face of Labor and the Left.

As you are all no doubt aware, former Labor Party leader Mark Latham is about to publish his diaries.

His biography, released in June, caused much fuss amongst Latham's former party members for its open and honest description of the Labor party, such as calling the Premier of WA, the communist shitstain Geoff Gallup, a "Grade-A arsehole". His biography was also just a warm up to his diaries, in which he would tell us what he really thinks.

And so it has begun with Latham exposing just what a collection of filth and scum the Labor party really is. Sure there is talk of legal action from some of the Labor scum but it won't go anywhere - you watch. (Though it has been a few years since I took a law unit, I do believe that in slander and defamation cases, the truth is an absolute defence)

But what is more telling (yes - even more than Latham) about the Labor party (and the left in general) is their reaction to Latham and his diaries.

One of the radio news blurbs I have heard had some ALP members labelling him a "sleazy traitor." A former leader of the Labor party, someone whom they had all pinned their hopes on, comes out and tells the Australian voting public some honest truths about his party and they label him a traitor. For speaking the much-needed truth.

That says pretty much everything about the Left in general, doesn't it?

I, for one, am very much looking forward to reading these diaries. And am looking even more forward to witnessing the reactions of all the scum in the Labor Party and the Left in general.

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