Reason #459957 why leftists are worthless

I know others have already commented on this but anyway...

Yesterday, there I was working away when I got this CNN Breaking News Brief (something I signed on for Sept 11 news back in 2001 and I just haven't been arsed to unsubscribe)

From: BreakingNews@MAIL.CNN.COM [mailto:BreakingNews@MAIL.CNN.COM]
Subject: CNN Breaking News

-- New Orleans mayor issues order authorizing the forced removal of
people refusing to leave the city.

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So what we have here is indisputable proof that the mayor is to blame for the human disaster. If he has the power to order it now, it begs the question why he didn't order it, oh I don't know, say, BEFORE KATRINA HIT?

That is a question for all you leftist wankers out there. Why did he abandon his citizens and allow them to drown and subject them to the violence that followed the flooding (which was adequately enabled by the Democrat governor? Why did he not force them out for their own good? (as leftist scum are always suggesting that things should be forced upon us for our own good)

Apart from the fact he is a typical leftist coward who issues an evac order and then runs away instead of making sure his citizens get to safety, do any leftist scum out there have any answers?

Nagin makes Mayor Quimby look like Rudy Giuliani.

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