Chrenkoff Bids Farewell

It is done. He told us a few weeks ago that this was going to happen. Happily, he is making the sacrifice because of the rewards of a promotion which unfortunately (for his readers) but understandably prefers that he not continue to blog. It is a relief for many of us, after having lost the Diplomad and, for a time, New Sisyphus.

I wrote the following farewell message to Art:

Art, your blog has been a beacon of hope for those of us who were treading the murky waters of MSM reality. The light you shone helped us see the path between Scylla and Charybdis, and like Odysseus' oarsmen we found our will to fight on.

May your journey continue to be an adventure, and may you keep inspiring those you come into contact with. And we will meet you again someday.

We'll miss you, Art. Don't be a stranger!

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