Oh - finally!

The leftoid feminists are getting a tad antsy at the idea of a bit of women’s liberation, Islamic style (cop that, she-dog). So how long did it take these twits to work out how nice, kind and tolerant Islamofascism really is?

Sharia move in Canada draws anger

Women's rights activists are to march in 11 cities in Canada and Europe against plans to allow Sharia law tribunals in the province of Ontario. Islamic law could be used to settle civil and marital disputes under a proposal made by former Ontario Attorney General Marion Boyd.
Well, they can protest all they like. But over there in the land of the big red leaf, I wouldn’t hold your breath. Au contraire - I'd get ready for some good old Islamic justice, guys and gals. It appears it’s coming to town square (or similarly suitable venue for public stoning, dismemberment or execution) near you. . .
Opponents of Sharia law say allowing Islamic tribunals could lead to discrimination against women.
Could? Oh, dear God, laughing – choking. . .

A protest march is scheduled for Thursday in Toronto, which is the capital of Canada's most populous and multi-cultural province.

Other Canadian marches are due in Ottawa, Waterloo, Montreal and Victoria, while in Europe there will be rallies in Amsterdam, Dusseldorf, Stockholm, Goteborg, London and Paris.

Michele Vianes, president of the Paris-based group Regards de Femmes, says political Islam does not recognise secular law.
Well, you got that right, Michele. Unfortunately for our maple-leafed friends, however, former Ontario Attorney General Marion Boyd is ‘one of those’: a gibbering pencil neck with an eye for a spot of societal self-immolation. So, just for Marion, I’ve decided to have a go at the Canadian national anthem (Ozark’s version; push off Buchan and McCulloch).

Here it is:

O Canada!
O Canada, you’ll take it up the tail
O Canada, O Canada, your freedoms we’ll impale
Not really your home and anyone else’s land
Just shut your gob or you’ll get the back of our hand
O Canada!
O Canada, you’ll take it up the tail (and like it). . .

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