Who says leftists aren’t for criminal scum?

THE father of four gang rapists had his autopsy fast-tracked so he could be buried quickly according to Muslim tradition. The apparent attempt to give priority to the man, known to the public as Dr K, shocked morgue workers at Westmead Hospital in Sydney, who are so short-staffed they can take days to complete a post-mortem examination.

Pakistan-born Dr K, the father of four jailed gang rapists, was facing charges of lying to protect his sons when he died from a heart attack last Thursday. Dr K's sons, identified only as MSK, MAK, MRK and MMK, are in jail for a string of horrific gang rapes against girls as young as 13 in 2002.

His autopsy was completed and his body released for burial in less than 24 hours. Sydney morgues have been so short-staffed in the past year that some families have been forced to wait up to a week before retrieving their loved ones for burial.

If you’re Joe Public, who just lost a loved one and wants to do the right thing by them, here’s 50 cents, follow the signs to the exit, turn left, left again, right to the public phone and call someone who cares. We’ve got lying scumbags to coddle.

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