Where are the Nazis

I have heard that after the fall of Germany at the end of World War II, when everyone figured out that the allies were using guns, bombs and bullets to make their point, you couldn’t find a Nazi anywhere. Doesn’t look like they are all that hard to find anymore, after the allies are now gone and will probably never return again.
The Central Council for Jewish in Germany received more than 300 letters, attacking both the organization and German Jews for “blindly supporting Israel and spending state money to support a 'fascist state' in the Middle East," the report states.

The council's executive director, Stephan Kramer, told JTA the hostility didn't come from the country's sizable Muslim population, but from ethnic Germans.

“We made supportive statements of Israel and our desire for more factual coverage, and this put us under attack as disloyal to Germany in a country where left-wing sympathy to Arab groups has a long history," he said.
See here for more reports of rising Anti-Semitism in Eurabia, especially France (who here is surprised by that). Also posted by Crusader Rabbit and Conservative Beach Girl

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