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I know I’ve been posting like mad and will try and be quiet for a day or two after this. This is just too good to be overlooked. By now you would have heard about Ahmadinejihad’s letter to the ‘Noble America people’. I must confess I didn’t read the whole letter, I got bored after reading about peace, justice and freedom. I’ll cut to the chase, FOXNews asked the readers to respond and published some of their responses, and I think this response was the best.

Dear Mr. Lunatic,

First let me start by saying that you can go f*** yourself if you think for one second that you meant any of the words that you said to us. Secondly, we are educated, unlike your nation, and will not be fooled by your big long educated words (that someone else told you what they mean because you obviously have no idea what they mean). Thirdly, you are a liar and thief and have been stealing from your county and oppressing your people for years. If it weren't for the democrats and politically correct jack-offs in this county you would have been bombed and destroyed already, so you can thank all the liberals and democrats for your very existence right now. Lastly, I am not sure why I am even wasting my time and breath on you because you are lower than swine dung. — Mark

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