Vast Tolerance!!

See this from SMH, on the Pope's visit to Turkey, after reading that, my reaction was "What spin Reuters!" UK telegraph is a bit more informative.
The Pope called for an “authentic dialogue” between Christians and Muslims today at the start of a four-day trip to Turkey, as he sought to calm anger in the Islamic world caused by earlier remarks linking Islam to violence.

His hosts responded with concialiatory words of their own, but the pontiff was ambushed into supporting Turkey’s bid for entry to the European Union and then reprimanded by Professor Ali Bardakoglu, the head of the state-run religious affairs department.

The Pope, making his first to a Muslim country since his election in April 2005, appeared uncomfortable as Dr Bardakoglu emphasised the “vast tolerance of Islam” and said that people who suggested it was a violent religion only gave extremists more cause for hate.
Oh yeah, all those beheaded in Iraq and elsewhere would love to experience this ‘tolerance’. Remember those journalists who were kidnapped in Palestine and forced to convert, yeah I’m sure they were really floored by the level of tolerance, what about the Danes, they must feel extra special from the amount of loving ‘tolerance’ they have received. Rape victims in Pakistan can take comfort knowing 8000 Muslims took to the street to protest their government’s amendments to current rape laws, ensuring rape victims don’t need 4 witnesses and won’t get whipped and stoned for being raped. Any feminists ready to pack their bags to enjoy this 'vast tolerance'?
In a clear reference to the Pope's words at Regensberg University, Mr Bardakoglu said religious leaders should not try to “demonstrate the superiority of their own beliefs” or waste time in discussing “the theology of religions”.
Well, what the hell are they supposed to do then, if a Christian priest insists that Christianity is exactly the same as Islam, then what’s the reason for becoming Christian again? Perhaps this is approval for the likes of Katharine Jefferts Schori, Bishop of the Episcopal Church in America, who is more concerned about the planet earth, not the boring old-fashioned nonsense about the after-life. Why wouldn't Bardakoglu prefer other religions leaders to be quiet, and if Muslim leaders are found quietly promoting Islam in the mosques, who has the balls to question this double-standard.
He said Muslims universally rejected accusations that Islam “was spread over the world by swords”.
He does have a small point there, it’s only in the grainy videos where we see knives and swords being used, these days it’s more IEDs, rockets and grandma suicide bombers.
In another poke at the Pope, whose speech at Regensberg contained several historical references, he said accusations of violence “are not based on any scientific and historical research or data.”
Oh boy, can someone get this fool onto a plane, straight to Baghdad, please explain to the Iraqi’s that their loved ones blown to bits, shot and beheaded, was all done by invading space aliens and not Muslim jihadists.

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