Not just a mid-term election. More a tipping point.

Just some random notes and no elegant essay, this. (even if I were capable of such a thing, which I'm not)

Now the whining, self-indulgent brats have been handed the keys to the car what can we expect over the next couple of years?
The islamists are going to be encouraged and energised by what they see as a victory for them. (after all, they endorsed the Dems publically)
The Dems will be so busy sniping and whining that the war effort will simply unravel. They'll weasel around their lack of integrity by handing over even more sovereign power to the U.N.Iran, Hezbollah, China, France, the Islamists and every other enemy of liberty will seize the opportunity to widen their influence and consolidate those gains to the point where even a change of government in the U.S. will be too little, too late to roll them back.Short of all-out war I doubt it will be possible.
War isn't handing out candy and civil reconstruction for a society that understands only tribalism and conflict. War involves the complete destruction of the enemy, his infrastructure and his way of life. If the Administration is guilty of anything in the conduct of the war in Iraq it's the lost opportunity to send a short, overwhelmingly savage message to the enemy--the message "don't fuck with the West or we will destroy you".
That war we should be fighting now would have been easier and very much cheaper in the long run and now I don't expect anything more than a series of pointless skirmishes until the West settles for whatever the U.N. and the media and islamists will allow.The battle now is against more and more of our sovereign rights being usurped by the Left and handed on a platter to the corrupt scumbags at the U.N. which is - after all - no more than a front for the cesspools of Marxist tyrants and islamists.
The media will aid and enable this in the name of tolerance. And multiculturalism. And every other vomitous PC catch-phrase they can dig up.Young people who have been indoctrinated with the whole rotten PC mess by their leftist teachers will buy the bullshit wholesale and those of us who value liberty and would fight for it will increasingly come to be seen as fossils, reactionary aggressive oldies who're still living in the past.
Those who are willing to trade liberty and personal responsibilty for a comfortable life free of conflict will sell their countries and their cultures down the river and lecture us with smug assurance about how the world has changed and war is no longer necessary.And as they embrace slavery they'll do it with complete confidence in their moral superiority.

I'm left with this - or rather these - thoughts:The best hope for the West is civil war. And for OUR nutters of whatever ideological stripe to get hold of the Big Red Button.

And for them to press it.

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