See? I told you

What a shock. I was right again

G20 protesters clash with police

POLICE in full riot gear have attended Collins Street in Melbourne after clashes broke out between police and protesters near the G20 venue.

A group of about 100 protesters broke from the main group and began throwing garbage bins at police. Others tried to pull down barricades in place to prevent protesters getting near the meeting.

Gee. Who would have thought that?

Now can anyone give me a good reason why these leftist pieces of shit shouldn't be shot on the spot like filth they are? (Except leftist fuckheads like Lefty and his mates who think they should be allowed to fight police and destroy property and cause violence and disrupt people going about their lawful business and more, all without consequence)

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  1. Yes, I have a reason.
    Becasue to shoot them on the spot would show the real intent, thereby hastening the revolution which will surely come.
    Their intent is not to die with their designer shoes on.


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