Europe is gone

Victor Davis Hanson writing in a review on Mark Steyn’s America Alone.

The obsession with the pampered life also arises check-by-jowl with militant secularism: if there is no God, no eternal soul, no hereafter predicated on conduct in the here and now, then the European present, in the most sensual sense — whether on the beaches of Rhodes or in the drug dens of Amsterdam — is all that matters. In this new religion of worshipping youth’s fleeting moments, such things as dirty diapers and 2 a.m. feeding simply get in the way of drink, drug, sloth, and firm flesh. And then in Steyn’s morality tale, poor complacent Europe at the millennium finally met its antithesis — a lean, fertile, zealous, deeply religious tribal folk, energized by Middle East petro-wealth, that interprets postmodern Western liberality as decadence and derides freely offered magnanimity as appeasement born out of our spiritual weakness.

The bitter crop is now being reaped, last week in Deutsche Welle.

Germany's population will drop by as much as 12 million by 2050 due to low birth rates, according to an official forecast released Tuesday. The German population will fall to between 69 and 74 million people in the next four decades, according to a study by the Federal Statistics Office.

That would equal approximately 15 percent drop from the current population of 82.4 million. With an average of 1.36 children per woman, Germany has one of the lowest birth rates in Europe and immigration cannot make up the shortfall.

Far from seeing the problem and taking steps to change course, Europe seems hell bent to its path to extinction.

A leading British medical college has called on the health profession to consider euthanasia for seriously disabled newborns. The Royal College of Obstetricians and Gynaecology has said that "active euthanasia" should be considered to spare parents the emotional and financial burdens of bringing up such children.

This apparently has the support of the Church of England, well what more do you need then, I’m sure Liberals would be for this, what’s stopping them if even the religious fascists are for it. I thought this is what the Nazis did, apart from gassing Jews, they also did not consider the disabled and mentally retarded, fit for their new master race. How they dishonor their mothers and fathers who fought so bravely to defeat the Nazis.

Coming back to Germany, it seems, that it is now a fundamental human right to fornicate for pleasure; we are all now entitled to the one-night stand in Germany, entitled to the pleasures with no responsibility, if the contraception doesn’t work, then sorry, not my problem. Like you would tell a TV manufacturer, who complains about his supplier, that's not my problem.

A doctor who carried out a failed contraceptive operation has been ordered by a German court to pay financial support for the child. The highest judicial court has ruled the doctor must pay 600 euros (£400) a month until the child reaches 18.

German gynaecologists now fear a flood of lawsuits, says the BBC's Steve Rosenberg in Berlin. The parents, who had known each other six months at the time of the conception, were no longer together, the court said. The father will also be compensated for the maintenance he is paying for the child.

The conservative Die Welt said the whole idea of damages being paid for the birth of a child was "perverse": "In addition to the highly private inkling that he was not wanted by his parents, he now has official confirmation that he was born by mistake," it said.

Haven’t they heard of adoption, could they not have given the child up to a couple that could not have a child or has Germany surpassed England’s progress now, even healthy babies are a burden. One would assume, that with a dying population, a single child, planned or unplanned would be viewed as a precious gift.

But no, we live in enlightened times, children are a burden now, I wonder how Europe will treat its elderly in years to come as the flow of ‘young’ taxpayers dries up.

Perhaps it is better than Europe is gone.

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