I told you

Earlier in November, I patiently explained to the gay-haters, how to get things done. There they were banging on, burning and pillaging, egg missiles flying back and forth when the solution was staring them in the face. Well looks like they figured it out.
Gay leaders canceled a parade in Jerusalem on Thursday amid security concerns and pressure from fundamentalist religious leaders who called such a public display in the holy city offensive.

The gay pride parade scheduled for today drew opposition from Jews, Christians and Muslims, while hundreds of ultra-Orthodox Jews vented their disapproval in clashes with police. Organizers agreed Thursday to instead hold a rally inside a closed stadium.

Top Muslim leaders said homosexuality is a crime and demanded that police punish those involved in the parade.
I hope the Jews and Christians aren't slapping each others backs over this, because no one gave a flying you-know-what about their opinions, as soon as the Muslims stepped in, as I said, the gays were hung out, high and dry.

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