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Today, in comments, I said this:

For the record, I don't hate leftists. I am extremely frustrated by them, however, and mainly because many of the leftists I know refuse to learn, point-blank refuse to believe when presented with facts, and are often unwittingly following an agenda it takes moments to reveal, much to their fury when it is. . .
Imagine my delight, when a classic example of precisely this was featured on Tim Blair’s site today. Blinkered, deeply ignorant of history, clinging tenaciously to the meme, no matter how idiotic, just listen to the dodging and weaving as soon as Bryce Courtney begins to realise that his entire premise is based on nonsense.

Bryce: And my side has been slaughtering infidels for a thousand, more than a thousand years, fifteen hundred years. I have to tell you that I’m forced to conclude that we are guilty in the first instance. And we are still perpetuating some of the crimes we started fifteen hundred years ago.
Bzzzzzt - wrong. The first Crusade started in 1095 (a little over 900 years ago), several hundred years after the Muslim invasions of Europe, which started in 711 (nearly 1300 years ago) with the invasion of the Visigoth Christian Kingdoms, progressing into the Frankish territories of Gaul, then reaching northward into Aquitaine and Burgundy. Fact: the Muslims started ‘slaughtering infidels’ nearly 400 years before Europe finally reacted.

Interviewer: You think we started what happened on 9/11, Bryce?

Bryce: Unquestionably.

Interviewer: In what way?

Bryce: Unquestionably, because we decided, on a pretence, to invade Iraq – to invade. . .
Bzzzzzt - wrong. Iraq was invaded on 20 March 2003.

Interviewer: This came after 9/11.

Bryce: No, no, Afghanistan was the first one we invaded, now we know. . .

Interviewer: After 9/11.

Bryce: We, no, no, Afghanistan wasn’t after 9/11, and a. . .
Bzzzzzt - wrong. Afghanistan was invaded on 7 October 2001.

Interviewer: Yes, it was. Yes, it was (laughing quietly).
Right on cue, Bryce starts getting annoyed:

Bryce: Christopher, I’m sure it wasn’t.

Interviewer: No.

Bryce: Okay. . .
I am so sick of this rubbish. This leftist managed to get not one, single fact straight, but does anyone out there for a moment believe that this man’s views will change one iota if he had been comprehensively corrected (as he should have been)?

Welcome to the leftist mind – just don’t bother talking to it. . .

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