It’s all just too hard

Earlier in the week, KG posted about violent crime in New Zealand, well here is another example of how the justice system fails the public. Progress I tell you, just progress away from all the ‘mean’ stuff, it’s 2006 you know, incarceration is soo old fashioned.
A Tongan boxer has escaped jail but must do 375 hours of community work after being convicted on three charges of assault.

Today Judge Josephine Bouchier said she was reluctant to send him to jail, where he could learn worse skills than he already possessed.

She sentenced him to 375 hours of community work on charges of assault with intent to injure, assault, and being an accessory after the fact of assault with intent to injure.

As he was sentenced the mother of one of his victims said: "You're joking. What does he have to do to go to jail?" Maka's family sneered and jeered at the family of the victim after the sentence was handed down.

Two of his victims had to be hospitalised.
So there you go, it’s all too hard, no point in sending them to jail, forget rehabilitation, there is a chance they might come out worse, too hard, go soft, coddle the criminal, it’s not really his fault anyway, those fools just got in the way of his swinging broken bottle and foot.

Not that we in Australia are much better, we live in more enlightened times, not like those barbarous Americans, we are civilized, we don’t hang scumbags over here, we are a civilized society, unfortunately the violent criminals didn’t get the memo about this new civilized world order, much like all the gun-toting criminals who didn’t get the memo about exchanging their old fashioned weapons for clipboards and notepads as new-age methods of conflict resolution and helping yourself to what is not yours.*
A man jailed for life for the shooting murder of a Sydney chemist has had his life sentence reduced on appeal. Dudley Mark Aslett, 35, was jailed for life for the murder of Emad Youssef outside his Canley Vale pharmacy in August 2003.

In sentencing Aslett in 2004, Justice James Wood said he was a cold, callous, vicious criminal who was an ongoing danger to the community with little hope of rehabilitation.

Aslett was sentenced the same year to 40 years' jail for the gang rape of a teenage girl in Newington in Sydney, a term reduced this year to 30 years on appeal.

The NSW Court of Criminal Appeal today reduced Aslett's murder sentence from life to 28 years, with a 22 year non-parole period.

Justices Peter McClellan, Bruce James and Clifton Hoeben found the original sentence, which also considered the "quite appalling" gang rape, was excessive.

Aslett will be eligible for parole in August 2050, when he is 79.
If any of you would like to see what this fellow did to that teenage girl, that didn’t warrant such an excessive sentence, read this. The teenager and her parents have been given life sentences, which they cannot appeal, they don’t get any wretched parole or treats for good behaviour, they can’t get to turn off the pain like a bad movie, sorry guys.

I suggest you not do this after a meal and preferably keep a bottle of whiskey close by. Then go home to your women and figure out how to fight, learn it and train for it, because the law isn’t there to protect you, you really are on your own.

* Known in the 60s and prior darker times as 'Stealing'

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