A non-negotiable right

Cet animal est trop mechantQuand on l'attaque il se defend!(This beast is quite mischievous for, when attacked, it defends itself!)

Two Dutch tourists were attacked in New Zealand last week. The woman was sexually assaulted and they were forced to drive their camper van to one automatic teller machine after another, emptying their bank accounts. Police are looking for two offenders, believed to be Maori.

Just the latest in a long, long string of violent attacks in New Zealand. Every time tourists are attacked, police spokesmen rush to assure us that such things are "unusual". Rare. Almost unheard of even.
No they're not.
I lived in the Far North region years ago and and attacks on tourists, standover tactics (a "donation" to local Maori to ensure that your car left in the carpark at Cape Reinga would remain un-burgled is one example) and general thuggery are endemic.

Yet.... a gunshop manager who shot the crazed thug threatening him and demanding firearms is to be prosecuted!

This madness --thugs being protected by law--has to stop.The police can't stop it. Politicians can't stop it, at least in the near-term. The police can't stop it because they're under staffed and hamstrung by PC rules, unable to tackle the groups responsible for most of the violent crime. They instead mount "traffic blitzes" in order to raise revenue for their political masters, under the guise of road safety. Look for a cop on the beat and you'll be searching for a very long time. Take your eye off the speedo for a moment and you'll find a cop soon enough though.
Politicians can't stop it because they're trapped by their own rhetoric-- how criminals are a tiny minority, misunderstood, the victims of a deprived background and whatever other mealy-mouthed lying pc garbage is flavour of the day.Their answer to violent crime is to disarm the law-abiding.
Guns mean crime, you see......Never mind that guns feature in something like 1.3% of violent crime. Never mind that 99% of gun owners abide by the law. Never mind that a firearm is the only real "equalizer" available to the elderly, the average family person, the average woman.Guns are the problem, according to them and according to the rabid anti-gun lobby.
Well, they're wrong. And dishonest.
The most fundamental right of humans is the right to defend themselves and their families. All other rights are meaningless if you're not alive to enjoy them. Or too traumatized by violence to lead a normal life ever again.In disarming citizens and prosecuting those who use arms to defend themselves the government is undertaking a contractual obligation--to defend citizens on behalf of society as a whole by means of the police force.
Yet they cannot do this.
The police themselves admit it. They can't be everywhere. For a family living in a remote farmhouse the situation is even worse, since the police have at times taken hours to arrive in response to desperate calls for help. Even a ten-minute response time is hopelessly inadequate. By then the crime has been committed and all that's left for the victims is the sympathy of their neighbours. Because they'll get damn-all from the politicians responsible for the situation.

One response I get again and again from the anti-gun people is this: that people aren't trained to use firearms and the job should be left to the police.
There's no good reason for people to lack training in firearms use. People aren't trained to drive cars, until they choose to take driving lessons. We don't leave driving to taxi operators. This "reason" is no more than a refusal to take responsibility for their own protection. And the responsibilty to protect their families.
Another response: that it's immoral to kill another human being.
It's immoral not to, if the alternative is to stand helplessly by as your wife is beaten and raped, your children traumatised. In any case, if it's immoral to kill in self-defence, why is it somehow more moral to sub-contract the job to a police officer and have him do it on your behalf?
Another response: more guns mean more crime.
Not true. There are thousands of guns in the hands of normal, sane New Zealanders. Yet guns feature in very few criminal acts. Even fewer if you consider the number of registered firearms owners who commit firearms offences.The issue in any case isn't the absolute number of guns--the issue is the right of those ordinary Kiwis to use the guns they have in order to protect themselves. Criminals will always be able to obtain guns.
By disarming citizens, by prosecuting them for defending themselves the government and their agents--the police--have created a whole new class of citizens.
The tax paying, unarmed and helpless prey of criminals.
The blood and trauma of ordinary, decent hardworking people is the fault of unprincipled politicians and the hypocritical, profoundly stupid leftist utopians. It ought to be on their consciences, but I don't believe they have such a thing--just a smug self-satisfied conviction that they somehow know best even in the face of overwhelming evidence to the contrary.

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