A clinical psychologist on lefties:

Dr. Pat Santy wrote this (and a lot more) on the lefty idiots at Daily Kos and their praise of Iran:

"Can we finally call them socialists? How about fascist pig-enabling opportunists who would sell out their own country to the Islamic animals who hang gays for being gay and women for adultery. How about treasonsous scum, who clearly want the enemies of western civilization to come out on top, because they are so incredibly stupid to believe "civil liberties" and "middle class" values are in grievous danger in the U.S., but triumphantly exemplified by one of the most repressive and violent regimes in history.

The term "useful idiot" is far too kind for these whackjobs. These people are dangerous morons whose cognitive thinking skills have been so impaired by the intellectual hogwash that passes for learning in our academic institutions these days, that they couldn't think their way out of a paper bag. They live in a universe in which there is no objective reality; a universe where truth is relative and their feelings are all that matter. And even their feelings, by any objective standard, are completely dysfunctional."

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