Wrong to protest a day honoring homosexuals?

I personally think that a day of silence BY them would be great. Most of the time they seem very keen to draw attention to their deviancy. But trying to impose silence on others for a whole day is just more arrogance from them and rejection of it is perfectly reasonable

On April 20, when Wolcott High School junior Seth Groody wore a T-shirt depicting a rainbow symbolic of gay rights on the front with a slash over it, he was doing so in protest of the day being designated “Day of Silence” — part of the national movement to raise awareness of bullying and harassment of gays and lesbians. His shirt also pictured female and male stick figures holding hands on the back, under the phrase, “Excessive Speech Day.”

Curiously, in the Wolcott case of the student wearing a T-shirt expressing his anti-gay sentiment, Groody found himself with an unusual defender — the ACLU. Defending the teen’s First Amendment rights, Sandra Staub, the director of the ACLU of CT, told the Hartford Courant, “The ACLU has fought hard for same-sex marriage and we couldn’t agree with Seth less on that issue, but he is absolutely correct about his right to express his opinion.”

There needs to be a distinction made between free-speech and appropriate speech — what is going to better our community, and what needs to be defended against tearing it down. My hope is that while the ACLU was absolutely correct in defining Groody’s right to spew his hate, there were more people that stood up to say, “We repudiate it.”

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So it is "spewing hate" to reject being told what to do? A very Fascist perspective.

No doubt homosexuals do get bullied at times in schools but a perfectly simple way for homosexuals to avoid that in most cases would be to shut up about it. At least they have that option. When Asians are bullied by blacks at public schools there is not much the Asians can do about it. How about a national day of silence for Asian kids bullied by blacks? That would be much more justifiable and it is certainly a bigger problem.

But I guess it is "racist" to mention that reality. When reality is racist we all have a big problem. Thomas Sowell (who is black) also deplores the way Asians have to put up with far more than homosexuals do

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