Homosexual hate in Britain

A newlywed couple have been targeted by internet trolls after they joined a campaign against the Government's gay marriage proposals.

Campaign group Coalition for Marriage (C4M) said Rhys and Esther Curnow, both 23, from Newcastle, have been subjected to a torrent of abuse on Facebook and Twitter.

C4M, which is a coalition of groups opposed to plans for same-sex marriage, backed by former Archbishop of Canterbury Lord Carey, said the messages included deaths threats.

One Facebook message said: 'I really hope you & your husband turn out infertile & die of cancer. That would be something to celebrate.'

Another, on Twitter, said: 'Did Esther Curnow suffocate and die a sad and lonely death in her polyester wedding dress yet? No? Shame....'

And a further tweet said: 'Esther Curnow needs a punch in the face. That is all.'

C4M said one troll urged others to send excrement to the couple, who married in March and live in Newcastle.

They have also been told to 'Go and die and rot in hell.'
Internet hate; One of the vile tweets targeting young bride Esther Curnow

The group said the hate campaign began after Mr and Mrs Curnow took part in the presentation of a C4M petition to Downing Street last week. They posed outside the famous front door in their wedding outfits. The petition opposing proposals for gay marriage has 575,000 signatories.

C4M campaign director Colin Hart said: 'The level of abuse that this young couple have been subjected too is shocking.... Mr Hart said the matter has been referred to the police.

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  1. This is a young couple and, most likely, as ignorant as oysters.. Let's be charitable, consider the source and forgive them..

  2. Stand for Rhys & Esther Curnow. Join us today.



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