Hate speech from Bloomberg

If he calls fat people "beasts" is it OK to call him a Fascist? Perhaps we could even call him a Kapo, after the Jews who assisted the Nazi concentration camp guards. If he can be offensive, so can we
Michael Bloomberg, Mayor of New York City and maven of medical-political quackery, decided to use the power of government to control the quantity of soft drinks people consume in eating establishments selling fountain drinks. An estimated 22,000 business entities would be affected, including restaurants, food carts, sports arenas, stadiums, theaters, and other public venues.

Bloomberg thinks “beasts” should be controlled. Those “beasts” are running rabidly rampant destroying the aesthetic of his beloved city. He is going to solve the problem of “beasts” in New York City. He claims the people want this.

Bloomberg’s mandate will limit sweetened fountain soft drink quantities to 16 ounces. He claims this will help curb obese “beasts.” He hates the sight of “beasts” and decided to beautify his city through downsizing soda.

Bloomberg blasted his critics calling them ridiculous. Has he looked in the mirror lately? Calling obese people “beasts” is not only ridiculous, it is insensitive and offensive. Mayor Bloomberg has an absolute unalienable right to call obese people “beasts.” This is still America, after all.

But, this being America, obese people, and the rest of us, should be protesting loudly about being called “beasts.” Where are the oh-so sensitive media? How come they are not all over this lashing out at Bloomberg for dehumanizing human beings by calling them “beasts”?


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