New homosexual attacks on free speech

1). The normal human reaction to the thought of homosexuality is revulsion. So much so that within living memory homosexuality was criminalized worldwide.

2). The fall of the Soviet Union kicked the legs from under Leftists worldwide. Their great claim had always been that Communism was better than capitalism and that claim became no longer possible.

Leftists did not simply fade away at that point however. Their hatred of their own society was too great for that. So they simply shifted gears. Their agenda ever since has been to destroy their own society by white-anting all the values that have kept it strong, healthy and flourishing.

And sexual morality was of course a major concern in all societies at that time. The idea that children should be brought up in homes where their mother and father lived together and were faithful to one-another was preached from every pulpit and in most public fora.

So that ethic was and is a major point of Leftist attack. Destroy the family and you will very largely destroy the society. Even Karl Marx said so.

The availability of "The Pill" had in any case already destroyed one of the major pillars of traditional morality. Sex was no longer closely connected to conception so family formation was reduced. Rather peskily for the Left, however, men and women still liked one-another rather a lot and children continued to emerge, albeit at a reduced rate and sometimes in situations where they were poorly cared for. So much of traditional society survived.

So there was only one prospect for further diminishing families: Homosexuality. Male homosexuals tend not to reproduce so are unlikely to take much part in the care and nurture of children. So homosexuality had to be promoted as vigorously as possible. Getting it legalized was the first battle but the general discrediting of traditional sexual morality that came with "The Pill" made that relatively easy. The next step has been to get it socially accepted.

And that is no easy battle. Normal revulsion against it still prevails and the Biblical injunctions against it are clear to the many millions of believing Christians (See Romans chapter 1). Tolerance rather than acceptance is the most that homosexuals can realistically hope for.

Homosexuals and their Leftist allies continue to battle on however. In the name of tolerance (a widely respected value in the Anglosphere) they have managed to get most criticism of homosexuality branded as "hate speech", and in that guise criticism of homosexuality can sometimes attract serious penalties. In the USA, however, the 1st Amendment is a substantial barrier to such penalties.

So where do homosexuals go from here? Their promotion of homosexuality has gone as far as it can go but with results that are probably little more than cosmetic. But has it really gone as far as it can go? Apparently not. They have a new tactic: Misuse of the law. They sool the police and the courts onto their remaining critics. Their tactics are to make false allegations against critics and use those allegation to provoke police and court attacks on their critics. Surprisingly, it works. Out of concern for political correctness, police and the courts respond to the fase allegations as if they were substantiated -- which causes danger and problems to the critics.

Some homosexuals have become rather free with legal threats and these threats intimidate some publishers, webhosts etc. Even a false allegation can be expensive to defend and organizations with slender funding just cannot afford to do so.

The latest cave-in is from a generally bold organization: "World Net Daily". They did put up two exposes of the new tactic but took down those exposes in response to legal threats. Their funding was apparently not robust enough for them to be defiant. Below is an excerpt from one of the WND articles. You can (so far) read both articles in full here and here. Fully detailed coverage of the latest news about the matter can be found (so far) here.
A Maine homosexual activist has used a court to deliver the latest "SWAT" attack on a pro-family advocate, obtaining a protective order even though the defendant, Brian Camenker of Mass Resistance, never had contacted him, according to a new ministry report.

"SWAT" attacks on pro-family and pro-faith ministries have developed lately, and they involve someone using a telephone program and calling authorities purporting to be from the ministry or ministry leader's location. They "report" a murder, shooting or similar event. SWAT teams from local police jurisdictions then descend on the unsuspecting ministry leader and his family with guns drawn, creating high levels of danger for the innocent people.

Townhall News Editor Katie Pavlich described the practice and said it is what "far left activists are doing to silence conservatives," and it "is not a joke."

Now Camenker has documented on his website a "SWAT" attack by a homosexual activist that instead of using a phone and a police cruiser used an affidavit and a state judge in Maine.

MassResistance reported the order was sought by Adam Flanders and granted by Judge Patricia G. Worth, who said Camenker must not go onto Flanders' property, not destroy his property, not follow him and not be at his business or place of employment "without reasonable cause." And he's also prohibited from contacting Flanders.

Only he hadn't. Been on the property, destroyed the property, followed or contacted him. In fact, Camenker reports he's located nearly a day's drive away from Flanders.

The crux of the problem is a letter that Flanders publicly released a number of years ago complaining about sexual activities at a pro-homosexual organization in Maine. As part of the MassResistance effort to oppose homosexual promotions in the region, it posted the letter on its website. The letter, written by Flanders and released by him to police agencies, news agencies and various pro-family organizations such as The Christian Civic League of Maine, complained about a homosexual youth club called "OUT! . As I want to Be."

In the letter, Flanders reported sex between adults and children, marijuana use, and suicide threats and attempts. It describes "his own sexual activities with underage boys there," MassResistance reported. Flanders finished the letter, "It is my hope that the Bureau of Health will do everything in their power to seriously investigate this seemingly innocent organization that has such a dark past full of negligence, irresponsibility, sexual harassment, abuse, and ultimately emotional harm that could leave permanent scars in the lives of many vulnerable youth in Maine, or even destroy their lives completely."

Now, however, he's been approaching organizations that have his letter and demanding that it be concealed. MassResistance refused, Camenker said, and that apparently prompted the court-facilitated "SWAT" attack.

"Flanders filed a complaint in Belfast Maine District Court claiming the posting constituted personal `harassment' against him. In an unbelievable and outrageous turn of events, the district court judge agreed with him and has issued a legal restraining order against Camenker," MassResistance reported.

So now Camenker is prohibited from responding to the emails Flanders continues to send to MassResistance, Camenker told WND. "Why did Flanders write this letter, distribute it widely, and then continue having sex with young boys? We don't know for sure. But we've long observed that adult homosexuals fixated on schoolchildren are attracted to these `youth clubs' and likely continue pursuing the youths in other venues," the organization reported.

In fact, MassResistance documented that Flanders is listed on the Maine Sex Offender Register for "sexual abuse of minor." Camenker reported that an attorney advised MassResistance there was no legal basis for the demand to conceal the letter, so the organization did not. That, then, became the basis for Flanders' request for protection from Worth.

"In 2007 MassResistance published information about me on their website. This included criminal investigatory information and private information about me and other private citizens, including graphic sexual information about minors . I believe the actions . constitute stalking because it has caused me serious emotional distress," he wrote.

Camenker told WND that he arranged for a telephone conference and found the judge hostile to his concerns. He raised the issue of jurisdiction, since Flanders was complaining in Maine about Camenker's postings in another state, without success. She also declined to listen to several other concerns.

MassResistance reported, "What Flanders is claiming is not harassment or stalking by any possible definition, especially since it was presented as a public document and has been posted for nearly five years. Flanders should be charged with filing a false report. He is making wild claims about Camenker that are purposefully and blatantly untrue."

The organization also noted there is a First Amendment issue. "These kinds of things are in fact reported on and written about all the time. The whole thing was absurd and contrary to any concept of justice." The protective order arrived a short time later

"Interestingly, the judge did not order that our posting of Flanders' letter be taken down," the organization reported. "It appears that the primary purpose of this was not to `protect' Flanders, but to `punish' Camenker personally for his willingness to confront the homosexual lobby. "

"Will we be seeing more of this odious tactic against pro-family citizens? Absolutely. And in particular, as the `gay marriage' movement starts to regain ground in Maine, you can expect this will just be the beginning," MassResistance said.

WND reported several weeks ago on another tactic being used against pro-family groups. That was the filing of a lawsuit against Rev. Scott Lively by a group called Sexual Minorities of Uganda. It was filed under the Alien Tort Statute, a law that ordinarily is used to challenge torture, cruel, inhuman, or degrading treatment; genocide; war crimes; crimes against humanity; summary execution, prolonged arbitrary detention; and forced disappearances.

Mathew Staver, founder and chairman of Liberty Counsel, said the case was nothing more than an attempt to use "a vague international law to silence, and eventually criminalize, speech by U.S. citizens on homosexuality and moral issues."

The Ugandans allege that beginning in 2002, Lively preached in Ugandan churches and shared his opinion on homosexuality and pornography. "It further claims that as a result (albeit a convoluted one), some members of the so-called LGBTI (lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, and intersex) community faced discrimination, and one (SMUG Advocacy Director David Kato) was killed on January 26, 2011," Liberty Counsel reported.

"The suit leaves out the fact that the suspected killer is a male prostitute with which Kato had sex and refused to pay.""This suit should cause everyone to be concerned, because it is a direct threat against freedom of speech," Staver said.

If you object to your news being censored, a small donation will probably put you on the mailing list for Mass Resistance. It's a sad day when only mailouts can be relied on to circulate "incorrect" news but it's looking possible.

The letter about homosexual pedophilia that Mr. Flanders is trying to get erased is readable in full here.

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