SC: Mom locked up for cheering at child’s graduation

Police goons at work. Black spontaneity can be noisy but there was no need to lock her up for it. Just escorting her outside would have been the maximum needed. Given the poor relations between blacks and the cops, you would have thought that the goons would have gone easy. No such luck. Being big he-men is their jerk-off. Power corrupts, as Acton said.
"Shannon Cooper cheered as her daughter walked across the stage to get her diploma from South Florence High School Saturday night, but just minutes later, Shannon was handcuffed and arrested.

She said officers walked her across the Florence Civic Center, where the graduation ceremony was being held, in full view of everyone, including her daughter, Iesha Cooper, 18.

Police said it was announced before the ceremony that anyone who cheered or screamed would be escorted out of the building.

Shannon was booked at the detention center and stayed there for several hours until posting a $225 bond.


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