The usual Democrat charm

We read:
"Last Thursday Al Sharpton compared Republicans to Nazis and claimed they were out to exterminate Blacks. That wasn't just stupid. It was obscene.

Why is it when conservatives accuse liberals of being fascists or Nazis, or compare individuals to Hitler, Stalin, or Mao, the proverbial excrement hits the fan? It is deemed extremely offensive, anti-Semitic, insensitive and un-American.

When liberals do it, they "speak truth to power.”

Why do liberals, who are supposedly so intellectual and open-minded, get away with saying such stupid, hateful things? When they do, their liberal friends then defend the indefensible.

There was no hue and cry over Al Sharpton’s remarks. That would cause his critics to be accused of racism, the political kiss of death, the journalistic trump card. The mere thought of that accusation turns otherwise intelligent people into spineless cowards.


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