The media's Niagara Falls Tightrope

Nik Wallenda's recent, amazing tightrope trek across Niagara Falls was a powerful testament to his obvious faith in God and belief in the importance of family values, as evidenced by his frequent, unceasing references to both before, during, and after the successful effort. However, what was almost as obvious as Wallenda's foundation in faith and family was ABC's awkward attempts to ignore his references to Jesus clearly heard throughout the event, thanks to a microphone fitted on Wallenda to capture his comments during the crossing.

Given the mainstream media's distaste for such references, and ABC's failure to mention or comment on these references neither during its broadcast nor in its blog otherwise fully documenting the event, it is abundantly clear that Nik Wallenda was a lot more relaxed crossing the mighty falls on an often soaked wire 200 feet above peril amid treacherous sprays of mist than ABC was uttering the words "God", "Jesus", or "Father" in reference to the Almighty.

One wonders if ABC would have been so reluctant to reference Wallenda's words if he referenced Barack Obama, the Democratic Party, the Right's so-called war on women, Obamacare, or a myriad of the Left's other treasured agendas and topics. One can almost see the headline "Nik Says Crossing Inspired by Obama" splashed across every paper and screen in the nation.


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