Hallmark bashes Tea Party

Great joke. How about a Hallmark card that says: "Be a panther, but not a black one". Would that be a great joke too? Or maybe: "Occupy Wall St -- but clean up after yourself" Hilarious?

Lennie Jarratt’s children had gone to Walmart over the weekend in search of a gradation card for a family friend. But instead they found a Hallmark card that has generated outrage within the Tea Party community – along with calls for a national boycott.

The card, published by Hallmark, features an image of President Obama on the cover declaring, “You graduated! Time to go to a lot of parties!”

The inside of the card reads, “But avoid those tea parties if you can. Trust me.”

“It’s offensive,” said Jarratt, the founder of the Lake County Tea Party in Illinois. “Why is Hallmark getting political? What’s the point of this? Why would they want to bash a whole group of people?”

Jarratt said his children returned home from the store and told him about the card – so he decided to go to the store and purchase a copy of the card.

“My kids didn’t like it because it was bashing tea parties,” he said. “I got the same reaction.”


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