Tony Abbott announces tougher asylum policy

ASYLUM seekers who are believed to have destroyed their documents before arriving in Australia will have a presumption against refugee status under a coalition government, Tony Abbott says.

As part of three policy "enhancements", which the opposition leader would immediately be put into place under his government, Mr Abbott said there would be a "strong presumption that illegal boat people who have destroyed their documents not be given refugee status".

Mr Abbott said the government would also ensure that his Immigration Minister "uses the right" to appeal against affirmative decisions.

"This right has never been exercised under this government," he said.

He wants to know why 90 per cent of refugees who arrive illegally by boat receive successful asylum applications.

He says other countries have "heavier rates of rejection" and wants to know why this situation exists in Australia.

It is not the first time the opposition has flagged a crackdown on asylum seekers entering Australia without proper documentation.


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