Leftists trample the German flag too: It's not just the American flag

As in many countries, on patriotic occasions and particularly during international sporting events, many Germans decorate their cars with their national flag, as above

So German Leftists go around car parks tearing the flags off -- and replacing them with a leaflet. Translated, the leaflet reads:
Dear car driver (m/f)

I have taken away your German flag. No matter why you have attached this flag (to your car), this gives way in any case to nationalism.

No? of course it does!

This flag does not represent football or any team, but German identity.

Spare yourself your money, us the work, and nature the rubbish, and do not replace it with a new one!

More here

Leftists ALWAYS hate their own countries and have no respect for the rights, feelings and property of others. Hate is what drives them.

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