How quickly the tune changes..

NYT, Aug 2007 - Senator Barack Obama said Tuesday that even if the military escalation in Iraq was showing limited signs of progress, efforts to stabilize the country had been a “complete failure” and American troops should not be entangled in the sectarian strife.

Truthdig, Jun 2007 - Top congressional Democrats Nancy Pelosi and Harry Reid sent President Bush a pre-emptive strike in the form of a letter Wednesday, prior to a meeting with him later in the day, declaring that the “surge” strategy in Iraq was a failure on several fronts.
Now that the Democrats are in power...
MSNBC, Feb 2009 - President Barack Obama approved adding some 17,000 U.S. troops for the flagging war in Afghanistan, his first significant move to change the course of a conflict that his closest military advisers have warned the United States is not winning. ......About 8,000 Marines are expected to go in first, followed by about 9,000 Army troops. Some 34,000 U.S. troops are already in Afghanistan.
17,000 extra troops being sent to bolster the occupation [why isn't the mad left screaming against this, no war, give-peace-a-chance and all that?] effort in Afghanistan given that the Taliban are not yet on the back foot. I don't know about you folks, but it's like some sort of.... well I don't know, let me see now.... yeah, like a surge. Would you believe it. So when things were going bad in Iraq, cut and run, when it's going bad in Afghanistan, send more troops! Confusing, unless off course that was all just politics and because Bush was in charge. The left wouldn't do that would they, sacrifice Iraq and victory to screw over Bush, no, never, say it ain't so!

Putting the politics aside, I sure hope Obama has what it takes to back the soldiers he is sending into danger. I hope that, God forbid, if the going gets tough and the Taliban refuse to fold, that he will have their back and refuse to give up and slither away. That he will support them in every way possible to secure victory. If he can't do that, then I'd rather he just didn't bother, just waffle something about social justice, diplomacy and all that useless crap and go back to controlling the weather or something.

To those 17,000 soldiers and to those already there, God speed and good hunting.

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