To Hamas and its leftist lackeys

You know how leftist trash merrily burn American flags and deface them as a sign of their undying patriotism and love of the western world. Well, apparently over in a San Francisco university, some Republican college students got together and did the nasty on a Hamas flag. Someone stepped on it, some may even have thrown their shoes at the 'precious' flag, etc.

Not surprisingly [because we all know how much leftists love terrorists], the university leftists are most upset over this horrendous travesty. Heavens above, they desecrated a Hamas flag, a Hamas flag!
SFSU College Republicans [Hat tip Letters to a Dying Dream] - An anonymous source from inside the Palestinian Club and the Socialist club at SFSU has provided the College Republicans with the following information:

In response to the College Republican's anti-Hamas event (video below) held on Wednesday the "offended parties" have banded together to push the school to punish the College Republicans for throwing shoes at the Hamas Flag. Over the next few days the coalition will release a statement making the following demands:

-Authorities must drop all charges pending against Muhammad Abdullah and Jeremy Stern, the two protestors that assaulted the College Republicans and stole their property.
-The school must sanction/punish the College Republicans for throwing shoes at the Hamas flag.
-The groups must organize a forum to "educate" students about what forms of speech are not acceptable according to the offended parties, specifically the always ambiguous "hate speech."
Perhaps someone out there can provide some proof of these leftist scumbags reacting with the same outrage and passion when some other bunch of scumbags decided to burn an American flag, or is their outrage and rush-to-defend only reserved for terrorist scum?

Anyway my hat goes off to those College Republicans, good on ya, I stand with you and offer the following to all the terrorist-Hamas loving lefties out there.


Choke on it.

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